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The PRO Bono

The convenience of a booking engine, combined with the peace of mind having a travel pro in your back pocket. This tool is great for those that like to book travel on their own with Sunwing or WestJet Vacations, but wouldn't mind having someone they can turn to after the booking is complete. We handle special requests, answer resort specific questions, and even send our handy destination and airline guides. If something goes wrong on your trip we're only a text away- and the best part: NO fees!

The CUSTOM Holiday

Perfect for those that want to turn to the expert for advice, recommendations and assistance with their travel plans. Our team has traveled extensively and knows all the right questions to ask to ensure we pair you up with the perfect destination. This process takes time and the options presented will be catered towards your specific needs/wants. After completing the form a Doell Travel Team member will reach out to you to schedule a call.


Our Team

We may come from different backgrounds, however we share one common bond: our love for travel is a part of who we are- and we love sharing that passion and knowledge with our clients. Whatever your travel needs may be, we have a travel advisor for you.

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